Home again… thank God Spring has finally arrived!

Home again... thank God Spring has finally arrived!

Well we made it home to PA despite a trail of mishaps. We arrived in Winchester the generator battery needed replaced and the oil filter as well. Mark worked hard to get them fixed. seems we got some bad gas on 81 or something. Then It started to snow. Our pure water fill valve was frozen I guess. The water pump broke. Mark got that fixed after 3 days of toil. Then the water heater bypass valve got stuck. This will remind me to stay south until April or May. Everything finally settled down and we found out our campground was not opening until April 1st (which was in 10 days) because of all the winter storm damage. So I scrambled to get a reservation elsewhere. The only place I could find only had 30 amp service. So we took it. More snow came with freezing temperatures. When we hooked up to 30 amp we had no hot water again. After much research Mark figured out one of the 30 amp legs was broken and we had to use the 50 amp plug with an adaptor.Ahhh hot water again. Luckily every campground has Hot showers. Then our dump pipes froze and we had to go to the local RV place and get warming tape. We finally made it to our home base and it is warming up. Spring has finally sprung in PA and things are looking up. It will be 78 Sunday and Monday!


Sweet Home Carolina (and bumps in the road)

Sweet Home Carolina (and bumps in the road)

What a beautiful blue sky. Well the plan since we got here late was to come back the next day day and hike to Johns Gap water fall. Well you know how plans are… We woke up in the morning. Mark went to empty the gray water tank and the dump pipe was cracked. Ya see we ran over a shredded piece of tire in the road on the way here. Mark walked around the Rv to see if there was any damage but did not see that. Well thank God it was not a brake line or something like that. Tomorrow there is a 70% chance of rain so I doubt we will get back there. Well another day another time maybe. What a beautiful park. Casars Head is a must see.

Caesars Head State Park, SC

Caesars Head State Park, SC

Well we pulled in Saturday got settled in. Sunday we spent catching up with old friends. We met Nina and Mack for lunch & Nicole and George for supper. Than Monday we took off for Caesars Head State park. On the way marks GPS took us to a wrong turn up a dirt road on the side of the mountain. Mark being determined and loving a challenge kept going thinking it might be a back way into the park. Well we cam to an in pass had to turn around and head back down 3 miles or so. We finally found the entrance to the park. We got a map of the park and attempted to find Raven Cliff Falls on the map. There was only one sign. When we finally got there it was too late to take the hike up to the bridge that over looks the falls so we hiked to the over look.