Day is done…

I love Florida sunsets. There is something calming about sitting watching the colors in the sky and God create some beautiful art. It is a beautiful balmy night here. Crisp and clean. You can just feel the stress flowing out of you, and you can’t help but take a few deep cleansing breathes. I was sitting on the bench thinking yeah so glad I did this.


Farewell Florida


As we depart the tropical like land of Florida I am lamenting our time we spent here. Your warm weather, your tropical breezes, your folly of fowls, your fiesta of fish, your beautiful sunsets, your warm weather most of all I will miss relaxing by the water and the nice people at Fisherman’s Cove. Stewart and his dog Romeo, Cassie and Andy, Bill and Linda , Bob the Canadian and many others here at Fisherman’s Cove made this one of the nicest parks on the west coast. Alas we shall hopefully return to finish some unfinished things on our bucket list. I wanted to swim with the manatees and do some more snorkeling but I need contacts or a set prescription goggles. I also did not get to see the Ever Glades because I could not get a spot in the parks down that way. With more planning I hope to do that next trip. Ah yes and St Augustine was another thing on my bucket list. So Florida we part and will see you again next winter.

As we move on I look forward to our next spot. Although a short pit stop on our way back home South Carolina should has a few really nice parks I would like to see. Waterfalls and mountains here we come.

I am in love with the Birdman <3

IMG_0981   IMG_0987

So let me tell you about the man I love. We saw this pelican with all this fishing line tangled in his wing and  Mark decided to catch him and rescue him from this mess. Dave from North Carolina freed him of his lines and hooks while Mark  held the poor thing down. Little did we know that the poor thing had 4 hooks in him. Mark temps him with a pin fish grabs him by the beak and pulls him up on the peer. It was so sad. Made me want to cry. #birdman