Sweet Home Carolina (and bumps in the road)

Sweet Home Carolina (and bumps in the road)

What a beautiful blue sky. Well the plan since we got here late was to come back the next day day and hike to Johns Gap water fall. Well you know how plans are… We woke up in the morning. Mark went to empty the gray water tank and the dump pipe was cracked. Ya see we ran over a shredded piece of tire in the road on the way here. Mark walked around the Rv to see if there was any damage but did not see that. Well thank God it was not a brake line or something like that. Tomorrow there is a 70% chance of rain so I doubt we will get back there. Well another day another time maybe. What a beautiful park. Casars Head is a must see.


Looking across the Gap at Caesars Head Rock

Looking across the Gap at Caesars Head Rock

There was a couple of bikers standing up there with us and told us that there use to not be a steal fence around the cliff and when they were kids they would climb down on the rocks and up on the water tower at the top. What a great place to grow up.