Kayak fishing

 Kayak fishing

We have been fishing from our kayaks about 4 times so far. Any of you who have been fishing from a kayak knows how tricky it could be if you get something big, esp if you do not have an anchor. The other challenge is how do you get the fish back to shore? We used a bucket but unfortunately did not catch anything worth keeping. The best part of it is the paddle out. The worst part is the paddle back especially if it is against current and you have disk problems in your neck. I keep seeing people here with foot paddle kayaks with nice comfortable seats and wish I could afford one.

I don’t know if I told you about the time we went out kayak fishing and Mark yells …”Shark”… That’s all I needed to here. I made a bee line to shallow water. He yelled again “Can you help me with this thing?”  Here Mark had actually said ” I caught a shark” and all I heard was shark. So I paddled over and helped hold the rod while he pulled it in enough to unhook it. . It was a 2.5 foot black tip shark. He said it was the most fun he ever had fishing. That shark took him for a nice ride around the water way.  I was just glad it was not a bull shark. Yikes.


Bate stealers




IMG_0900Birds and fishing do not mix! #batestealers

The egret on the left was quite persistent in trying to steal our bate from the bate bucket. We had to chase him away several times. The birds here are not afraid of humans and get quite close to you on these public peers.

The pelicans are troublesome because as I have said before they try to steal your bate on your hook. I image part of the reason is people must feed them their left over bate because often you see them waiting close by  when you are baiting your hook. I even saw one with a hook and lead hanging out of his beak.  I often had to real in very quickly to keep them from getting mine. Needless to say I will not be fishing from public peers anymore. It would really upset me if I hooked one of these beauties.

More fish stories: Finally I caught a big one

More fish stories: Finally I caught a big one

We have been fishing nearly every evening and some mornings. I had been catching some little fish all day this day. Finally I got this 16 inch Yellow Jack. Mark had caught one as well this day and another one previously. As usual the fish magnet (Mark) had caught more fish overall, but this one was the biggest one yet. Yellow Jack is a very tasty fish . Better than snapper