Sweet Home Carolina (and bumps in the road)

Sweet Home Carolina (and bumps in the road)

What a beautiful blue sky. Well the plan since we got here late was to come back the next day day and hike to Johns Gap water fall. Well you know how plans are… We woke up in the morning. Mark went to empty the gray water tank and the dump pipe was cracked. Ya see we ran over a shredded piece of tire in the road on the way here. Mark walked around the Rv to see if there was any damage but did not see that. Well thank God it was not a brake line or something like that. Tomorrow there is a 70% chance of rain so I doubt we will get back there. Well another day another time maybe. What a beautiful park. Casars Head is a must see.


Farewell Florida


As we depart the tropical like land of Florida I am lamenting our time we spent here. Your warm weather, your tropical breezes, your folly of fowls, your fiesta of fish, your beautiful sunsets, your warm weather most of all I will miss relaxing by the water and the nice people at Fisherman’s Cove. Stewart and his dog Romeo, Cassie and Andy, Bill and Linda , Bob the Canadian and many others here at Fisherman’s Cove made this one of the nicest parks on the west coast. Alas we shall hopefully return to finish some unfinished things on our bucket list. I wanted to swim with the manatees and do some more snorkeling but I need contacts or a set prescription goggles. I also did not get to see the Ever Glades because I could not get a spot in the parks down that way. With more planning I hope to do that next trip. Ah yes and St Augustine was another thing on my bucket list. So Florida we part and will see you again next winter.

As we move on I look forward to our next spot. Although a short pit stop on our way back home South Carolina should has a few really nice parks I would like to see. Waterfalls and mountains here we come.

Top 10 (plus) things I will miss about the Keys

1. Old Bridge Fishing Peer- many days and nights I spent fishing on this peer. I caught lots of fish and threw most of them them back. Kept what I could. Saw lots of beautiful sunsets. Caught a 2 foot hammerhead or bonnet-head shark and a 16 incher. Tried yellow jack for the first time. Yummy.


2. Salty’s Tiki bar. Saw Jersey Slim there. A night of awesome blues.

Jersey Slim

3. Kayaking around 2 small islands: A small island off the shores of Big Pine Key  and Sunshine (Ohio) Key

4. Relaxed , kick back attitude

5. Bicycles and scooters everywhere: They had bicycle paths and it seemed like everyone had a bicycle or scooter. These people peddled all the way from Miami to Key West and back!


6. Chickens everywhere- They roam free here. You might even get a visit from one at a local restaurant or a Walgreens.


7. Sunny, breezy and warm mostly (with some rain).

8. Alligator free waters- We will be heading north to Gator country.

9. Snorkeling in Dry Tortugas an awesome experience. The coal pilings were the best. Swam away from the 2 biggest barracuda I have ever seen and towards the biggest grouper I have ever seen. The corals were fabulous with big purple fans but stay away form the pink coral it can sting…. Next time  I would like to Snorkel Looes Key.


10. Wild Kingdom- SeaTurtles (Greens and Hawks), Spotted eagle Sting rays, Iguanas, biggest fish and variety of fish I’ve ever seen, Great Heron, pelicans, ibis, egrets , cormorants…I never saw so many different wild animals that close up except in a zoo or safari.

11. Deer preserve- we stayed in Big pine key right in the middle of the deer preserve. The deer would just walk right up to you. The first day we saw a lady walking down the roadway and she just walked right past the deer and patted his nose. Moment when you wish you had a camera.

12. Smathers beach- our Wedding place. A small public beach where many weddings take place. A beautiful sunset was included. Did you know Key west imports their sands from The Bahamas?smathers