Long day Long night.

Yesterday was a long day. We made it into the southern part of Virginia ended up parked all night at a roadside rest stop. That’s what I get for traveling with a truck driver. He just wanted to go until he was too tired. The refrigerator gas burner went out. Will have to throw out some food. Lesson of the day…Never grocery shop prior to leaving. I thought I would stock up so we could have food for the road. I figured i would not have to run around looking for a store that sells organics. Note to self. #Expecttheunexpected pack non perishables only for the road and only buy a few days of food. Luckily I only lost stuff in the refrigerator and not the freezer.

Long night of noisy trucks. Mark got up at 4:30am started messing around with the refrigerator. Had to start the coach to get it going again. Sleeeep need some sleep.


Day one: bye bye Brandywine Creek Campground

We have been here since we picked up the bird over Labor Day weekend. We met a lot of great people Like Mike, Ariel and Haley. They re our first next door neighbors.  A young couple with a Young child full timing. Before we left they got the bug …they will be taking to the road as well come January. Good luck! Be Well!

So let me give you a little history about what this place meant to us. Mark’s Mom and Stepdad stayed here for 7 years During the summers and fall. There are many here who still remember them well.  Also one of Mark’s childhood neighbors has a spot here too.

Until next year BCC. See you then.