Friendly foes #Buster

Friendly foes #Buster

I don’t know if I told you about when buster caught a bird while I was walking him on a leash. Before we left  on our adventure, I was walking buster around the campground when he started chasing a mouse under the ground cover. All of a sudden he leaped about 5 feet to the right and snatched a turtle dove. I screamed and snatched him back just before he sunk his teeth into it. Whew.  That was 3 and a half months ago. Well here is Buster the tamed cat playing cat and mouse with this squirrel. Buster never even tried to chase it up the tree he just laid there staring at him.


One thought on “Friendly foes #Buster

  1. April says:

    He’s channeling his inner cat…lol!

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