Top 10 (plus) things I will miss about the Keys

1. Old Bridge Fishing Peer- many days and nights I spent fishing on this peer. I caught lots of fish and threw most of them them back. Kept what I could. Saw lots of beautiful sunsets. Caught a 2 foot hammerhead or bonnet-head shark and a 16 incher. Tried yellow jack for the first time. Yummy.


2. Salty’s Tiki bar. Saw Jersey Slim there. A night of awesome blues.

Jersey Slim

3. Kayaking around 2 small islands: A small island off the shores of Big Pine Key  and Sunshine (Ohio) Key

4. Relaxed , kick back attitude

5. Bicycles and scooters everywhere: They had bicycle paths and it seemed like everyone had a bicycle or scooter. These people peddled all the way from Miami to Key West and back!


6. Chickens everywhere- They roam free here. You might even get a visit from one at a local restaurant or a Walgreens.


7. Sunny, breezy and warm mostly (with some rain).

8. Alligator free waters- We will be heading north to Gator country.

9. Snorkeling in Dry Tortugas an awesome experience. The coal pilings were the best. Swam away from the 2 biggest barracuda I have ever seen and towards the biggest grouper I have ever seen. The corals were fabulous with big purple fans but stay away form the pink coral it can sting…. Next time  I would like to Snorkel Looes Key.


10. Wild Kingdom- SeaTurtles (Greens and Hawks), Spotted eagle Sting rays, Iguanas, biggest fish and variety of fish I’ve ever seen, Great Heron, pelicans, ibis, egrets , cormorants…I never saw so many different wild animals that close up except in a zoo or safari.

11. Deer preserve- we stayed in Big pine key right in the middle of the deer preserve. The deer would just walk right up to you. The first day we saw a lady walking down the roadway and she just walked right past the deer and patted his nose. Moment when you wish you had a camera.

12. Smathers beach- our Wedding place. A small public beach where many weddings take place. A beautiful sunset was included. Did you know Key west imports their sands from The Bahamas?smathers


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