Dr Mudd released


In 1867, After 4 years of imprisonment Mudd was finally pardoned released by President Johnson. He had spent most of his years shackled in a dark damp cell until yellow fever broke out. There was no fresh water supply and not enough rain to collect for drinking water. The collection wells cracked form settlement and so they kept water in barrels which bred misquotes. Yellow fever decimated the Fort including the medial staff and so Mudd was released from his shackles to care for the survivors. It was his service that sparked a letter for his release. It never reached the President because the messenger died of Yellow Fever, but somehow the President got word. Due to his service during crisis and the problems with the trial President Andrew Johnson ordered his release. He spent the remainder of his 13 year at his Farm where he died at eh age of 49 of pneumonia. He was survived by 18 children. His grandson tried to clear his name but was denied several times.


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