One fish, two fish

One fish, two fish

One fish, two fish … maybe four. The fish did not like me so much. Kept stealing my bate even though I was baiting like Magnet Fisherman, castin like him and doing every thing he did. I did end up with four: a small grouper, 2 grunt fish (one of which I kept), and a small gray snapper. Now yesterday I was the only one who caught 2 fish: a small 11 inch porgy and a small goliath grouper. Both were thrown back. We were not sure it was a porgy until we bought a better guide today. The grouper was protected. Although I did not catch as many fish as Mark I was the first one to catch something in the 3 days we were fishing. Although we have caught many (over 20) fish together. We have only kept 3. Florida fishing laws are very complicated!


One thought on “One fish, two fish

  1. April says:

    Go you! Mom must be loving that you are fishing and having so much fun.

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