Fish magnet… chic magnet?

Fish magnet... chic magnet?

There is my Fisherman Mark “The Fish Magnet” who caught well over 15 fish in one day. Most were too small (less than 12 inches) and had to be tossed back. Well the story goes that early this morning we had breakfast and coffee and Mark says “I am going out fishing, I will meet you at the bridge.” ” I will see you after your shower.” Well I took a Navy Shower. As I was walking out the door I thought to myself ‘He probably has caught a few fish by now and will want to go back and clean them.’ Well, little did I know I was half right. I saw him running to get a cooler. He said” I got one. I gotta run. I Left the poles up there.” He Ran Back with the cooler. When I arrived he told me he dropped the first line and then a second. Not too long after her dropped the first one in he got a bite and reeled in a nice 14 inch Yellow Jack. While he was reeling the first one he got a bite on the second rod and was scrambling for it. He managed to pull in the second big fish (a snapper ).  The rest of the day was history.


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