The Turtle Hospital in Marathon

The Turtle Hospital in Marathon

The other day we went to see The Turtle Hospital in Marathon. They rescue injured and sick Sea turtles. And release as many as they can back into the wild. I chose this place for wild animal touring because they actually help the ecosystem and only keep those turtles that are too injured to return to the wild. Many of them can not return because they have been hit by boats and have traumatic injuries. When the boat hits the shell hard enough sometimes it gets tiny air bubbles underneath it which make the turtles unable to submerge. The staff refer to it as bubble butt syndrome. May of these guys also have gashes in there shells which sometimes require a staple bar and glue. The staff will place weights on them and make sure they can swim. The ones they can not keep and can not house are looking for new homes at aquariums.
There are also some of them that have a tumor causing virus that requires surgery for removal. Then they will house them for a year to make sure they don’t have reoccurrence and have built back up their immunity.
Still other turtles are here because they eat things they shouldn’t and get impacted or they get hooks caught in their throat. They eat things like fishing nets, bottle tops, tee shirts, shoes, candy wrappers… Many do not require surgery just TLC and laxative. In time they pass the items and are back to health in a few months.



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