Random tails: Mark the man tree.

So we went for a walk on the beach last evening around dusk. It was a really relaxing. My toes in the sand an waves gently splashing over my feet.  Then the boy came out in Mark. He was clutching his hands in that way you know he has something. Then this little lizard pops his head out between his fingers. He lets him crawl up his arm on to his back and over his shoulders. it crawled up his neck and on too his head and I said ” look out next thing you know he will pee on your head and crawl on your face.” The next thing I know it crawled over the top of his head on to his face and hung on to the top of his eye lids. Good thing he did not pee on him. At that point Mark grabbed him and let him go. haha Boys will be boys.#lizardman #mantree


4 thoughts on “Random tails: Mark the man tree.

  1. April says:

    Look for the Iguana along the roadsides, we saw some when we were there a few months ago!

  2. Sybil Manuel says:

    Bren I love all your Thoughts as you travel along. I think you should write a book some day about your adventures.

  3. Stephanie Hoffmeier says:


  4. Times you wish you had a camera but didn’t.

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