Hello Sunshine state: but where is the sun?

Finally arrived in Florida today. The bumpiest roads I’ve ever been on so far.  Feels like I am riding in a jeep off roading in the rocky mountains (even though I’ve never been there yet anyway) or maybe more like riding in a jet ski on rocky waters ( now that I have done). You get the point. The new air ride bags work great , but I think we need new shock (another’s time)
We had sun for a little while. We are going to stay in Miami for 2 nights …of rain?  What? Miami was not my first choice, but it was close enough to our destination and we found a reasonable price. Oh well we will make the best of it. Looks like it will be a mix of rain and sun in The Keys And we will be dodging rain drops.  We will be down here long enough to see the sun for sure. Rainy and 80 is better than rainy and 40 right?  I wanted to stay in St Augustine but the dumb trailer cord got disconnected.  Maybe another time. #rollingon


3 thoughts on “Hello Sunshine state: but where is the sun?

  1. Erin & Mom says:

    We r on our own bus adventure today to NYC. Mom wants to know how Buster is doing?

    • Buster ran away twice last night while we were docking. Mark found him Just as he sat in the pavilion Buster came strolling up like nothing happened.

    • Well It turns out as the Campground host said if its a 20 percent chance of rain then that means 20 people out of 100 will get rained on. It was mostly not raining. The campground was really nice. Better than expected. We might return there on our way back, but I doubt it. I know Mark. Drive until you can’t stay awake.

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